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The Aivo Program

What do I need to join Aivo?

What is the commitment required for this program?

What is the cost?

What’s the science behind Aivo?

What kind of results can I expect?

How does Aivo work?

What is Aivo?

The Aivo App

How can I enable notifications?

I’m having trouble using my Aivo app.

Which devices are compatible with Aivo?

What are my login credentials for Aivo?

Do I need internet access to participate?

How do I report a bug or share my feedback?

Can I use Aivo on my computer?

Health Coach

What is my Health Coach’s role?

What are my Health Coach's qualifications?

When should I message my Aivo Health Coach?

How do I communicate with my Health Coach?

Data & Privacy

Who owns my data?

What is your privacy policy?

Who can I contact to learn more about my data?

What happens to my daily ratings?

Is my personal information safe?

Daily use

What should I do if I can't login?

What is expected from me?

How do I know which track to select next?

Can I skip a daily rating?

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