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An evidence-based Chronic Pain Reversal Program that bridges the gap between visits by providing patients with daily support, coaching, and personalized education.

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Conquering chronic pain is a team effort

Chronic pain is best addressed with an interdisciplinary approach based on each individual's needs. The best interdisciplinary pain clinics have entire teams devoted to personalizing pain care. Unfortunately, very few interdisciplinary pain clinics exist in the US. Aivo's mission is to partner with primary care providers, pain specialists, and other pain professionals to make these approaches accessible to people of all backgrounds and geographic locations. Aivo is based on the latest science, accessible regardless of location, and personalized to each individual's needs to offer continuous care. Aivo is the perfect complement for your existing practice.

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Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Aivo.
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The Program

The Aivo Program offers continuous and personalized care for your patients in between visits.

Aivo is based on a multimodal approach consisting of pain education, mindfulness exercises, CBT, sleep improvement and more. Patients also have the support of a dedicated health coach.

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The Science

Unlike conventional treatments that only focus on reducing symptoms, Aivo targets the scientifically proven root cause of chronic pain: the brain.

The science is based on decades of ground braking research by Dr. Vania Apkarian.

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