Our mission is to eradicate chronic pain by empowering people with science.

The Story of Aivo

Aivo started with the personal quest of our founder Mika – a serial tech entrepreneur who suffered from chronic pain – to understand the science of pain and find a cure.

During his research, Mika discovered that Professor Vania Apkarian has led every major advance in brain imaging of chronic pain. Professor Apkarian was the first person to discover that chronic pain can actually change the structure of the brain.

Aivo combines Vania’s scientific knowledge with Mika’s technology expertise. Aivo is a new breed of company designed to bring relief to the tens of millions of chronic pain sufferers.

Aivo means brain in Finnish. The brain is our treatment target. Aivo begins with AI to signify how we leverage real-world data and novel machine learning to discover individual treatment paths.

Photo of Mika Marjalaakso and Vania Apkarian.

Our locations

Our skilled talent works mostly virtually from their homes all around the world. We provide support, infrastructure, and access to virtual offices when needed.


Chicago, IL

Chicago is the hub for our scientific and clinical operations

Helsinki, FI

Helsinki is the hub for our tech development, design, and marketing


Austin, TX
Columbus, OH
San Francisco, CA
Heidelberg, Germany

Map showing the locations of Aivo

The Team

We have a passionate team that consists of scientists, clinicians, health coaches, data scientists, and technology professionals whose mission is to conquer chronic pain.

Photo of Mika Marjalaakso
Mika Marjalaakso
Photo of Prof. Vania Apkarian
Vania Apkarian
Chief Science Officer
Photo of Dr. Melissa Farmer
Melissa Farmer
Chief Clinical Officer
Photo of Dr. Vlad Klipnitser
Vlad Klipnitser
Lead Health Coach
Photo of Dr. Lauri Kovanen
Lauri Kovanen
Lead Data Scientist
Photo of Dr. Nate Haines
Nate Haines
Data Scientist

We also have dedicated teams of designers, developers, writers, and many more working behind the scenes bringing you the Aivo Program.

Do you want to make the world a better and less painful place?

If you have an inner fire to help people experience a fuller, pain-free life, we might have the perfect job for you.

Our main locations are Helsinki and Chicago. However exceptional people may be found in exceptional locations, so we are open to fully remote work for most roles.

If you don’t find a suitable position in our current openings, we encourage you to send us an open application. We love talent and passion!

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