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With Aivo, you can manage and reverse your chronic pain and feel focused, healthy, and excited about your future again.

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Pain recovery starts with understanding of your pain. In your first week of the program, we'll explore your unique experience with pain and how it has impacted you. This information guides your personalized care plan. You will also have a unique opportunity to discuss your results with a world-renowned pain expert Dr. Melissa Farmer.

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Personalized Pain Relief Program

After the assessment, you will receive a personalized pain relief program that meets your unique needs. Our multimodal care plans are continuously optimized based on your data and they cover all areas that are relevant to your pain relief, e.g. pain education, sleep improvement, movement, stress reduction, relief learning and flare management.

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Integrated Care Team

Your dedicated health coach will actively collaborate with you each day by sharing recommendations, expert information, and personalized support and inspiration. You will be working towards sustainable pain relief with your integrated care team. In addition to pain experts and health coaches, there will be data scientists helping you to find the right recovery pathway for you.

Reclaim your identity step-by-step

Week 1

Assessment Period

Meet with your personal health coach to learn how Aivo can support your pain relief goals.

Gain deep insights into your pain patterns, coping strategies, and strengths by engaging in our 1-week assessment period.

After the assessment week, discuss your results and profile with our pain recovery expert, and start with your personalized plan.

Months 1-2

Building the Foundation

Create a habit of using the Aivo app for 10-15  minutes each day.

Learn advanced skills for pain relief and flare management, designed for your unique profile.

Connect with your personal health coach for empathic support, personal goal setting, and ideas for overcoming challenges.

Months 3-6

Consolidation of Learning

As your pain is reducing, Aivo adjusts your program profile to amplify pain relief.

Access on-demand pain flare tools and uplifting support from your health coach.

Gain new insights with monthly personalized feedback from Aivo's integrated care team.

Months 7-11

Maintaining the Gains

Aivo adapts continuously to help you maintain your pain relief for the long haul!

Manage possible future setbacks with your pain relief toolbox, which gives you full access to your favorite Aivo features.

Focus on living your life and expanding daily activities and social connections.

Month 12

Celebrating Recovery

Evaluate your journey to pain relief over the past year. Reclaim your life and get back to doing the activities you love!

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