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Aivo provides you with effective and lasting relief for chronic back pain.

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The premier virtual pain clinic at your fingertips

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Daily content and activities

Aivo provides a guided program optimized for you using proven best practices. Our curated app content and activities are designed to support your pain relief.

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‍Pain journal

Your daily ratings of pain, sleep, and mood are accessed by our scientists to optimize your ongoing pain care.

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Coach interaction

Your personal Health Coach reviews your pain history and collaborates with you to provide recommendations, expert information, and daily support.

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The Aivo community is a safe environment for guided conversations about living with pain, sharing helpful resources, and creating authentic human connections.

Your pain is as real and individual as you are

All pain is real pain but every pain experience is different.

Nobody experiences pain just as you do. That is why the Aivo Program is tailored just for you, based on your unique traits which we call your Pain Biotype.

When you sign up with Aivo, you get a team of medical specialists and scientists who collaborate with you to create a treatment program that’s personalized just for you to produce fast and lasting pain relief.

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Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

Aivo is a convenient virtual care program that’s personalized just for you.

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1. Meet your care team

Sign up and schedule a free consultation with our pain specialist. We’ll build a care team based on your needs and wellness goals.

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2. Receive your Aivo Biotype and care plan

During the first 14 days, we assess your pain and create a personalized treatment plan in our cutting-edge app.

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3. Get better step by step

Aivo provides continuous care and identifies unique combinations of treatments that work best for you.

You'll receive regular feedback and reports to show how you're progressing over time.

The many benefits of membership

  • A free consultation with a pain specialist
  • A no-obligation two-week assessment period for determining your exact pain biotype
  • Your personal Aivo Biotype report
  • A personalized care plan with the unique combinations of treatments that work best for you
  • Continuous care and regular feedback and reports to show how you're progressing over time
  • Support from your personal health coach and the Aivo pain community
  • Full no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee
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Clinically proven to work better than conventional care

Our clinical trial participants reported up to 74% pain relief after using Aivo for just 8 weeks – a significantly higher degree of relief than seen with conventional therapies.

In addition to pain relief, the participants also reported improved sleep quality and better mood after using Aivo.

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A graph showing pain relief data: Aivo Health up to 74% and conventional pain care up to 20%
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“Eight weeks ago, I couldn’t pick my 7 pound dog off the floor. Now I can pick my dog up, run 2 miles, and do yoga in the morning without pain.”

- Aimee

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“Amazing! Never thought I would feel such relief.

I love the feeling of letting go of my concept of pain. 

Thank you, I have always had negative thoughts about my pain and I realize that a lot is just habits associated with my thoughts about pain.”

- T.T.

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“It focused me in on the impact of my low back pain on my life and gave me some hope for some improvement.

I love the flow of the content and the ease of use.”

- M.B.

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“I think the biggest thing I've really learned is how to confront negative thoughts as soon as they start to happen, which has made the pain I do have more manageable and decreased my pain overall.”

- L.M.

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