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Understand the new science of chronic pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, it’s possible you’re experiencing primary pain, a new diagnostic classification introduced by the World Health Organization.

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Aivo combines personal coaching, education, community, tools and progress tracking to help you every step of the way.

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Three steps to pain relief

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1. Meet with a pain recovery expert to discover your unique pain profile

Aivo, with the help of rich data, helps you discover your unique pain profile. Our pain expert explains the assessment results to you. The assessment guides your personalized care plan.

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2. Get a personalized pain relief program that targets every area of life that pain affects

Our program focuses on all aspects of living with chronic pain. From disrupted sleep, physical movement all the way to stress management and relief learning.

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3. Work with your health coach and integrated care team towards sustained pain relief

Your personal health coach works with you one-on-one. In addition, a team of experts will continuously monitor your progress and fine-tune your treatment combination for optimized and lasting pain relief.

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Members' experiences

“Eight weeks ago, I couldn’t pick my 7 pound dog off the floor. Now I can pick my dog up, run 2 miles, and do yoga in the morning without pain.”

- Aimee

"The Aivo pain management app changed my life": A member story

“Amazing! Never thought I would feel such relief. I love the feeling of letting go of my concept of pain. Thank you.”


“Aivo focused me in on the impact of my low back pain on my life and gave me some hope for some improvement.”


“The biggest thing I've learned is how to confront negative thoughts as soon as they start to happen. This made the pain more manageable and decreased it over time.”


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Meet our team

Photo of Vania Apkarian
Chief Science Officer

Dr. Vania Apkarian

Professor of Neuroscience, Anesthesia, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Northwestern University who revolutionized pain research by proving that emotional brain circuits predict who develops chronic pain.

Dr. Apkarian has published over 300 peer-reviewed scientific articles that are referenced over 21,000 times by other scientists. His cutting-edge science forms the backbone of the Aivo approach to treating chronic pain.

Photo of Dr. Melissa Farmer
Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Melissa Farmer

Award-winning pain psychologist and neuroscientist with an international reputation as an expert in chronic pain mechanisms.

Dr. Farmer trained at the prestigious Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit, the first multidisciplinary pain clinic established in North America. Her postdoctoral research with Dr. Apkarian at Northwestern University, where she specialized in brain imaging of hard-to-treat chronic musculoskeletal and pelvic pain, lead to the creation of Aivo program.

Portrait image of Outi Hilgert
Medical Advisor

Outi Hilgert, M.D.

MD who has worked in the field of integrative medicine for the last 20 years. Her special interest is in developing mind/body and compassion focused techniques in medicine, to enhance holistic wellbeing and healing.

She is a mindfulness meditation teacher, certified in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy). She is a pioneer in developing digital therapeutics for mental and physical health conditions.

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