Heal the root cause of chronic pain, not just the symptoms.

Our personalized self-care program, developed by leading neuroscientists, teaches your brain to overcome chronic pain.

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Feel initial relief in weeks

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Discover your personal Aivo Biotype

Rich in-app personality and pain profiling, advanced data science, and expert guidance equals the precise plan your brain needs.

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Start your personalized care plan

Your Aivo Biotype based daily program focuses on important aspects related to pain, such as thoughts, emotions, stress, sleep, and physical activity.

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Reach lasting results in 3-6 months

Every month, we fine-tune your care plan. As emotional learning changes your brain, your plan must adapt as well.

Start your journey to pain relief

Our incredible Aivo app is available today for iPhone and Android devices in the United States. Find out your Aivo Biotype and unlock your personalized plan for better life.

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Science-backed program, developed by leading neuroscientists

Aivo is pioneering a unique approach and methodology for pain care. To cure chronic pain, the brain needs to be rewired. The Aivo Program uses emotional learning to treat the root cause of chronic pain - maladaptive brain wiring.

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Life-changing results. Amazingly fast. 

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"I have been able to diminish the amount of pain I feel in my low back, hip and sciatica. I had my doubts at first, but now I'm convinced that your program can work for people with chronic pain."


Get Aivo today and be among the first to get full benefits of the Aivo Program.

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