Finally, a solution for chronic pain that really works

Aivo creates lasting relief for your chronic pain. We don’t just treat the symptoms. We target the root cause. You can expect fast relief and lasting reversal of chronic pain.

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Start your journey to a pain-free life

Understand your pain

Aivo demystifies your pain and creates a personalized treatment path, based on new scientific understanding behind the underlying mechanisms of pain.

Begin your personalized care 

Your daily program focuses on important aspects of life related to pain, such as thoughts, emotions, stress, sleep, and physical activity.

Get relief in just a few weeks

Our members feel better after just a few weeks with Aivo.

We fine-tune your treatment path based on your pain experience, to optimize long-term relief.

Achieve lasting relief

Aivo treats the root cause of chronic pain. New learning rewires brain pathways that reverse your pain.

How it works

Up to 74% pain relief

Our clinical trial participants reported up to 74% pain relief after using Aivo for just 8 weeks.

Aivo is clinically proven to work

Aivo is based on cutting-edge science that has been rigorously reviewed and published in dozens of leading medical journals.

Aivo performs over 2x better than conventional therapies that only show a maximum of 20% relief for 1 in 5 people.

And we are just getting started.

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Your pain is unique

The Aivo Biotype is a unique fingerprint of your pain experience. Over 14 days, we assess your Aivo Biotype and customize your treatment to maximize relief.

Your biotype-guided treatment path is constantly updated to optimize your journey to pain relief.

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It’s all about the brain

Chronic pain is different from normal pain. When you live with chronic pain, your brain learns to develop an emotional signature of pain that is reinforced by daily challenges. Pain leaves its mark on your brain.
Your pain is real and we know it’s not “all in your head”.

When pain begins in the brain, the solution is to treat the root cause.

The Science


"I have been able to diminish the amount of pain I feel in my low back, hip and sciatica. I had my doubts at first, but now I'm convinced that your program can work for people with chronic pain."


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to pain relief.

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