Statement of Compliance

The app’s educational approach is consistent with the CDC’s recommendations for chronic disease self-management education programs.

To provide general patient education about the biopsychosocial impact of chronic pain, we adapted content based on internationally recognized resources:

Self-management includes cognitive and behavioral coping strategies, managing emotions related to chronic pain, enhancing lifestyle choices (stress management, exercise, sleep hygiene, etc), and use of health care resources to manage decisions for medication use with one’s health care provider. Education that focuses on managing the consequences of chronic pain can provide learners with knowledge needed to weigh risks and benefits of their health care options.

Contact Information

Any questions, comments or concerns regarding our Statement of Compliance can be sent to Aivo Health Inc. by e-mailing such questions to or by regular mail addressed to: Customer Support at Aivo Health, Inc. 426 W Belmont Ave, Suite 1206, Chicago IL 60657.

Adopted: September 1, 2020