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"The Aivo pain management app changed my life": A member story

In this post, Aimee will share her story of how the Aivo Pain Management app has changed her life in 8 weeks. “I didn’t realize how much my negative emotions affect my pain.” Aimee told me when we talked. 

Every pain medication you can think of 

Aimee’s first experiences with back pain started  at the age of 14. Today she is 43. That makes almost 30 years of back pain. 

During our conversation Aimee tells me she has been on every type of pain medication you can think of . None of them did any good. The only thing that gave any relief were cortisone injections that she got every two weeks, but as she tells it, she knows these can be dangerous over time and did not want to continue. 

Talking with Aimee it is easy to tell she is an energetic and optimistic person at heart. She confirms this by telling me she has always tried to keep a positive attitude. It hasn’t always been easy though. In a short period of time she lost both her husband and her father. These tragic and traumatic experiences naturally affected her attitude and pain became a part of her life that she had to endure. 

Her back pain made it impossible for her to continue hobbies she held dear, like dancing and running. Eventually she lost hope for ever being able to do them again. She couldn’t even pick up her 7 pound dog off the floor. 

You deserve a pain free life

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Giving a chance to a different kind of pain management 

I asked Aimee what convinced her to give our program a chance. She told me that she had already tried pretty much everything else and was down to her last straw. By chance she happened to see one of our ads and figured “why not, what have I got to lose?” and gave it a try. 

When asked what she likes best about the app, Aimee told me she enjoys the meditations and mindfulness exercises. They are a great help for focusing and relaxing. She also told me her Health Coach is very helpful. Her Health Coach has helped her explore some of her negative thoughts and feelings, and deal with past trauma she thought she was already done with. 

The results speak for themselves

8 weeks into the program Aimee is like a new person. No, let me correct that, she is back to being herself! She says Aivo has helped her understand her pain and the emotions affecting it. To her, the most amazing feeling is the realization of how she herself can affect her thoughts, emotions and how she responds to stress, and how these have an immediate effect on her pain. 

Today Aimee is picking her dog up with ease. She has also been able to get back to dancing and running which she says is a dream come true. Her outlook on life is once again optimistic. 

While we do have to note that results vary from person to person, Aimee’s experience is a great example of the power of the Aivo program 

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Why should someone use the Aivo Pain Management app? 

Finally, I asked her what she would tell someone in her situation who isn’t convinced an app can help. She says “Look at me, I’m the proof”. Even Aimee’s mother is now looking to try the app. 

Before we finish, she says: “maybe soon I can wear my high heels again and go out dancing with my boyfriend.” We’ve got our fingers crossed for you Aimee! 

If you find Aimee’s story inspiring and would like to give our pain management program a try, visit our website to learn more. Our team is ready to help you get started!

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