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Is there a community for people with chronic pain?

Few conditions can feel as isolating as chronic pain, since most people who haven’t experienced it just don’t understand the complex and confusing struggles you face. This is why community and support groups can play an important role in the healing journey. By uniting people with chronic pain, communities provide emotional support, hope, and mutual understanding. From the perspective of someone living with pain, supportive communities are invaluable for learning about different conditions, new treatment approaches, and more effective ways of coping with pain. Some chronic pain support groups and organizations are created for specific chronic conditions, while others welcome people with all types of chronic pain.

You can find support groups for people with chronic pain online, in local communities, or through digital pain clinics, such as Aivo. The Aivo Facebook community offers a safe environment for open, empathic conversations about living with pain, sharing helpful resources, and creating authentic human connections with others who understand your journey. If you feel isolated because of your chronic pain, are searching for emotional support, or would like help finding other ways to cope with your pain, you may benefit from joining a support group like the Aivo Facebook community. To get started, click the button on our front page and we will help from there.

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