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Can meditation help with pain

Scientific research on the effectiveness of meditating to relieve chronic pain is ongoing, and so far the evidence suggests that meditation can influence factors that underlie and contribute to chronic pain. A consistent meditation practice has been shown to improve sleep quality, which in itself can positively influence pain intensity. A meditation practice also has the potential to reduce stress levels, promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness and generate greater self-compassion, all essential factors that contribute to pain relief. 

If you’re interested in trying meditation, consider trying guided recordings to get started. There are many types of meditation to choose from, such as mindfulness meditation, breath work meditation, body scans, and loving-kindness meditation, so find one that resonates with you. It can be fun to experiment.

Attend a local meditation class or tap into the countless available resources online or try some of our expertly-created, guided Aivo meditations. And for those struggling to meditate, great alternatives to meditation are breathing exercises, mindful movement, or simply getting out in nature. 

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