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Are deadlifts or squats good for back pain?

Deadlifts and squats help build core and lower body strength and activate the stabilizing muscles around your spine, which may help improve your low back pain. Research has concluded that treatment plans including deadlifts are clinically effective in reducing pain and significantly improving functionality and quality of life in individuals with low back pain.

When done safely, these fundamental movement patterns can be an extremely valuable component of rehab for various injuries and chronic pain problems. It's recommended that you stay in a comfortable set/rep range, progress gradually, and listen to your body along the way. Before considering deadlift or squat training for individuals with low back pain, pain intensity and irritability, endurance of the hip and back extensors, and competency with the movement pattern should be evaluated by a professional. Also avoid them if you have severe pain, feel numbness or tingling in the legs, cannot walk without low back pain, or have a recent back injury.

If you want to increase your amount of physical activity, visit this helpful guide with tips on how to get started.

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