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With Aivo, you can manage and reverse your chronic pain and feel focused, healthy, and excited about your future again.

Why does Aivo work better?

We put you in the driver’s seat

Aivo empowers you with the only science-based app for ongoing pain management that continuously adapts to your unique symptoms, your personality, and your pain relief goals.

We address the root cause of chronic pain

The brain learns to organize itself around chronic pain. With the brain-focused Aivo treatment, your brain learns new pathways to pain relief.

Our approach is designed for permanent relief

Since Aivo targets the root cause of your pain, the program provides real, lasting relief, not just short-term changes that don't last. 

The Aivo Difference

Aivo combines cutting-edge pain neuroscience, a data-driven treatment model, personalized care plans and tools, and human touch to support your pain relief journey.

  1. Your care is personalized for your biotype. The Aivo Biotype Assessment unlocks the six core aspects of your pain experience. The assessment forms the basis for designing your personalized care plan.
  2. Your care is continually optimized and adjusted. Our team of scientists analyzes your daily pain, sleep, and mood ratings to optimize your ongoing pain care. We update your treatment plan based on what works best for your particular biotype and stage of recovery.
  3. We provide multi-modal treatment for fast AND lasting pain relief. Aivo incorporates mindfulness, meditation, pain education, and cognitive behavioral therapy to ensure lasting relief.
  4. You are supported by our coaches and the Aivo Community. Your dedicated Health Coach reviews your pain history and collaborates with you to provide recommendations, expert information, and personalized support and inspiration. The Aivo community is a safe environment for guided conversations about living with pain, sharing helpful resources, and creating authentic human connections.

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