Dr. Vania Apkarian

Aivo is based on cutting-edge neuroscience.

What research tells us:

1. Chronic pain is in the brain.

2. To cure the pain, the brain must and can be rewired.

3. Emotional learning plays a key role.

About Dr. Vania Apkarian

Dr. Vania Apkarian is Professor in Physiology, Anesthesiology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Northwestern University, Chicago and the Head of the Apkarian Lab at Northwestern University.

He is a world-renowned neuroscientist who was the first to use brain imaging to show that the brain structure—not tissue damage—best predicts the symptom patterns and differential treatment response. Over a decade of Prof. Apkarian’s research emphasized that emotional learning and memory underlie the long-term suffering of chronic pain. He also discovered that the current healthcare model does not adequately treat the core mechanisms of chronic pain.

Dr. Apkarian’s research is recognized across neuroscience disciplines and the field of pain has been fundamentally shaped by Dr. Apkarian. His early electrophysiology work established the role of the thalamus in pain perception. Given the critical role of the thalamus in pain, all theories of pain perception incorporate his discoveries. He also has authored the most-cited review paper on the brain’s role in pain and he has achieved many “firsts” in pain research and brain imaging of pain, thus forming an unparalleled foundation for creating efficient, science-based treatments for pain.

Dr. Apkarian has received nearly $100 Million in funding for his ground-breaking pain studies and he directs collaborations with the best pain neuroimagers in the world, including groups at Oxford, Stanford, and other elite institutions.

With nearly $100M in funding for the research and hundreds of peer-reviewed publications, there is a staggering body of evidence behind the proprietary Aivo approach.