Chronic low back pain affects your health every day.

Your medical care should do the same.

People with chronic low back pain make daily decisions about their health, but only see a medical provider every few months. Aivo’s care model aligns with the realities of living with chronic pain to help people get their health back.

Here’s how we do it.

The Innovations of Chronic Pain Reversal

Continuous Remote Care

Powered by technology and data science, our care team provides timely recommendations, when and where people need it, via Aivo’s custom-designed mobile app.


Individualized Combination Therapy

A single treatment isn’t likely to work on its own. We use data and novel machine learning to dynamically optimize the combined treatments that works best for you.

Aivo's approach explained

To reverse chronic pain, treatments need to focus on the brain, not the body part.

Why Aivo’s pain care works?

We address the root cause of chronic low back pain

To reverse chronic pain, we focus on the brain, not just the body part. Our unique combination therapy approach focuses on treating changes within the brain and addressing pain-related emotions as a way of providing pain relief. 

Our approach is designed for permanent relief

The brain goes through changes with chronic pain. Rewiring the brain requires continuous care, thorough symptom monitoring, and timely treatment adjustments.

You are in the driver’s seat

Other approaches fail because they only focus on the body part and not on the root cause of pain, nor address the vast differences across users. Elements of the Aivo Program™, including exercise and our future implementation of medication management, are tailored for maximum pain relief suited for your personality and brain type.

No more pain.

Managing chronic pain can be frustrating and defeating. Aivo provides a unique opportunity to experience our revolutionary and personalized approach to rewire the brain and reverse chronic pain. For good.