Continuous Program

Aivo Program's main phase consists of daily observations, content tracks and support from your personal coach. It takes 1-20 minutes per day

Rediscover your strong true self through emotional learning.

Personalized track suggestions based on your goals and the Aivo Personality Assessment.

Build a collection of life skills.

Your remote personal Health Coach supports you every step of the way.

Use the Aivo App 1-20 min/day. 

Monthly subscription. Plan for at least 3 months span in the program.

Precision pain care

The Aivo Program supports you on your path of emotional learning. The program is based on an approach combining mindfulness exercises and cognitive-behavioral leaning. The program provides pain education over a wide scope of themes.

Learn is about the scientific foundations of the Aivo Program, spanning pain neuroscience, emotional learning theory as well as its practical application to managing flares. 

Relax is about managing stress and breaking stress inducing patterns of thought and behaviors. Build a stress management toolkit with mindfulness exercises. 

Connect is all about communicating, empathy and rebuilding social connections. 

Sleep supports integrating many themes to a deep, refreshing part of your daily life. 

Move is about feeling good in one’s body. We approach this through mindful movement, physical activities and by guiding you to re-discover trust in your body. 

Meditate pulls together the elements of learning, emotions, stress and sensations into a mind-body practice. You discover the practice of positive emotions and take this practice to the challenges of every day life. 

Adapt introduces new perspectives to thinking about pain, emotions related to pain and addresses negative thought patterns. By internalizing these ideas you will build a toolbox of new life skills. 

Explore your unique learning path through a sequence of themed tracks. Each track is designed to last a few days. You decide when you’re done on a particular track and ready to explore the next one. Change tracks instead of getting bored or stuck! A track consists of learning, application by self-reflection, guided mindfulness exercises and other tasks building healthy habits. Select a new track to work on based on your goals and preferences. Precision pain care is all about matching the track to your Aivo Personality Profile, your goals, and supporting your pace of learning.

Collection of tools to support your daily practice

As you progress, you build a collection of practical tools and exercises supporting you to build new life skills and to maintain your existing strengths.

Support of an Expert Health Coach

Your Health Coach works with you one-on-one so you know exactly how to set and achieve your goals.  Just like you, Aivo coaches are pain experts because they have lived with chronic pain before. Your Coach gets it.

The Clinic on the Aivo App is your private message board for communicating with your Health Coach. Your coach follows your progress and daily health log. He’s there to support you every step of the way. Your Coach normally responds on the next work day.


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