Aivo Biotype Assessment

The Aivo Program begins with the assessment phase. The assessment is your roadmap for pain self-management.

Complete the essential tasks of the first 14 Day curriculum to get your full Aivo Biotype Profile.  

You can proceed at your own pace. There's no need to stick with the original schedule.

The Aivo Biotype Profile is your unique roadmap for pain self-management. 

The Assessment phase includes access to foundational pain education during a 30 day period

We recommend daily engagement with the Aivo app, 5-20min/day.

The Aivo Biotype Profile

Your Aivo Biotype Profile is a unique roadmap for your pain self-management. A part of your personality traits - your feelings, thoughts, judgments, and habits - guide your understanding of pain. But, even if your life history shapes your perception of pain, you are not defined by your past.  You are stronger than your pain. Whether you have lived with pain for months, years, or decades, your understanding of pain can change. As your experience of pain evolves, the changes in that understanding manifests as positive change in one’s personality traits.

We created Aivo to empower you on this journey.

The Aivo Biotype Profile is characterized by seven traits - each trait a facet of your understanding of pain and what you do with it. Your profile is unique.  The 10+ page Aivo Biotype Profile report provides and in-depth analysis of what your traits mean, how each trait affects your perception of pain, and suggests options on how you may use this information to grow to manage your pain.  

Aivo Traits

Optimism is an inner knowing that you are on the best path forward for you.

Open-mindedness is the willingness to listen to and seriously consider alternative viewpoints.

Pain Anxiety is fear about how well you can predict and control pain in the future.

Emotional Awareness is a type of intelligence that helps you understand and work with emotions related to pain.

Body Awareness is the understanding of the natural link between emotions and body sensations. 

Flexible Coping is the ability to understand when a familiar habit has outlived its usefulness. 

Flexible Attention is the ability to shine the spotlight of your attention on what you want to experience, while the rest fades into the shadows.

Plan your roadmap for pain self-management

Plan your roadmap for pain self-management based on your health goals, your preferences and your strengths. Select an educational theme of the Aivo Program to support the change you want to explore.

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Personality traits as a guide to affecting the root cause of chronic pain  

Recurring pain messes with the emotional and motivational core of the brain - the hippocampus. The hippocampus works at a subconscious level. Under recurring pain the hippocampus starts producing different and often maladapted - bad, distorted - responses to external stimuli compared to one that has not experienced persistent pain. Often the resulting visible behavioral response produces negative thoughts, negative emotions and stress  -  also perceived as a bodily pain - thereby causing a vicious cycle of persistent pain.

Source: Wikipedia

You can affect the distortions of your subconscious motivational core through emotional learning. Over time emotional learning impacts your experience of pain, your mood and even your sleep 1). 

The Aivo Program is there to support you on your path of emotional learning. The program helps you to internalize new concepts and practices to a deep subconscious level - affecting the hippocampus - so that over time external triggers produce new emotional responses and different behaviors, breaking the vicious cycle of chronic pain.

1) Apkarian V: Pain perception in relation to emotional learning. Current Opinion in Neurobiology 2008 Aug;18(4):464-8


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