Aivo App

An easy and convenient way to manage all aspects of the Aivo Program, the Aivo App is available for both iPhones and Android devices.

Assess the Aivo Program anytime and anywhere with a mobile app.

Easy and quick rating your of pain, mood and sleep twice a day, every day.

Proceed with emotional learning at your own natural pace.

Build a Collection of life skills.

Communicate with your health coach on a private message board.

Reflect on your progress with weekly reports.

Daily ratings: your new habit with Aivo

We ask you to log your pain, mood and sleep. Adding a note about what may have changed helps develop your precision pain care.

Make a rating twice a day, every day. If you miss a rating here or there, it's not a problem.

Why are daily ratings important? Three reasons.

  1. Your perception of your pain is the gold standard measure of pain 
  2. Your pain is unique and unlike anyone else's, daily ratings help us understand the day-to-day quirks of your pain.
  3. Your daily ratings help to improve the treatment of others

With your ratings we can tailor your program to your needs. Your daily ratings are reviewed by your Health Coach and Care Team. 

Learn at your natural pace

Learning Tracks span a few Day's curriculum. Each Day has a few tasks. Tasks consist of engaging educational animations, short audios and short informative texts. During the the Track, new tasks will become appear each new day until all days of the track are accessible.

Proceed at your natural pace. You can navigate to past Days of the track to complete tasks left undone, visible on the to-do agenda. Work on a track as many calendar days as you like. You can move on to the next track without completing all tasks.  

When you are ready, you mark the track complete and select a new track.

At any time you can reach out to your Health Coach on the Clinic channel.

You can also access useful tools and maintain existing strong practices on the Collection. As you progress your collection will grow with our best mindfulness and relaxation exercises.

Monitor your progress - the Weekly Report

The weekly report gives you an update about your progress during the past week. The report shows: 

  • your activity log of health observations
  • the change in your average weekly pain during the program
  • the history of your completed tracks 

Each week take a step back and reflect on your roadmap with your weekly report. Are you satisfied with your effort and progress? Do you want to change your goals? The weekly report is an opportunity to reset expectations, reconsider goals and consider the theme of your next learning track. Your Coach can help with track selections if needed.

Observe changes on your Aivo Profile

You will re-assess your personality traits regularly over the course of the continuous program. You will be able to observe the changes on your traits in the Aivo App's Profile page. The Aivo App will remind you to review your Aivo Profile and your goals every 8 weeks.


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