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Aivo provides continuous program of content, daily observations, support from personal coach and actionable reports via mobile app.

Precision Pain Care Based on Neuroscience

Chronic pain maladapts the motivational and emotional core of the brain, affecting the individual's personality.

The Aivo Program delivers personalized mindfulness based cognitive-behavioral education to produce emotional learning affecting the motivational and emotional core of the brain. Re-adjustment of the previously maladapted core breaks the vicious cycle of self-perpetuating chronic pain. The effects of emotional learning manifest as changes in the individual's pain-personality and as a change in the perception of pain, allowing the individual to regain positive mood, function and social relationships - essentially to regain one's life. Plan for at least a 3 months span on the program.

The Aivo Biotype

Your path begins with the Aivo Biotype Assessment where we can identify your traits and discover what educational themes would be a good fit for you. Use the assessment as your roadmap for pain self-management.

The assessment is 14 days long with only 10-20 min of activities per day.

Personalized pain education

The Aivo Biotype is the base of the personalization. The program provides you
emotional learning via variablte tracks which are picked based on your profile and goals.

Tracks consist of learning, application, mindfulness exercises, among others. Each track is 3-5 days long with about 10 min of actitivies per day.

Monitor and maintain

Rate your health daily. Practice your collection of newly acquired life skills such as meditations, mindfulness exercises and other healthy habits as needed. Reflect on your progress with weekly reports. Adjust your goals as your Aivo Biotype evolves.

And your personal health coach supports you every step of the way.

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Discover your Aivo Biotype

Assessment Phase

Chronic pain maladapts the the operation of the hippocampus, the motivational and emotional core of the brain 1). The changes can be observed as changes in personality traits e.g. as reduced optimism or as fear of pain. Traits are the outer observable rim of one's personality, not the core self. Prof. Apkarian's research has established that the propensity for pain to chronify in an individual can be characterized by certain trait profiles - brain biotypes 2). Each biotype responds to specific themes of pain education. Considering your trait profile, biotype and personal health goals you can make a plan for pain self-management.

The Aivo Biotype Profile highlights traits relevant for managing your pain. It gives you insights on your biotype and provides a roadmap for your pain self-management.

The Aivo Biotype Assessment is scheduled to take 14 days but you can proceed at your own pace.

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Emotional Learning with Aivo

Continuous Program

Emotional learning is hard. Its a bit like learning to keep calm when your boss or spouse says: "We need to talk". You need to internalize new concepts and new ways of thinking deeply to affect your emotional responses at the subconscious level. That takes time. It requires lots of practice. The Aivo Program supports you on your path of emotional learning. You are stronger than your pain.

With the support of the Aivo Program you can internalize new concepts and healthy practices to a deep subconscious level so that over time external triggers produce new emotional responses - changing your perception of pain.

The program is based on an approach combining mindfulness exercises and cognitive-behavioral leaning. The program provides pain education over a selection of themes, packaged to learning tracks each lasting a few days.  The program provides precision pain care by personalizing the selection of suggested tracks to match your pain personality profile and your goals. The Aivo Program is consistent with the CDC's recommendations for chronic disease self-management programs.  

You are not alone in this. Your personal Health Coach is there to support you every step of the way. 

Plan to stick with the program for at least 3 months. The time it takes to get lasting results is not yet established, but could be 6-12 months. 

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YouR new daily companion

The Aivo App

The easy-to-use Aivo App delivers precision pain care to your fingertips, whenever and where ever you like. Proceed at your own natural pace.

Engage with the program using insightful animations, mindful audio exercises and pain education distilled to bite sized tasks. Daily ratings of your health - pain, mood and sleep make it possible to further personalize your program. Use the Aivo App's confidential Clinic - message board to reach out to your personal Health Coach. Build useful life skills with a collection of mindfulness and yoga exercises and other healthy habit building tools. Reflect on your progress with weekly reports. Reconsider your goals with bi-monthly re-assessments of your Aivo Personality Profile.

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