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Precision pain care with a human touch.

Personal health coaching

The Aivo Clinic, available for our premium members, is a state-of-the-art virtual clinic offering personalized recommendations and motivational support from Aivo health coaches.

No waiting rooms -
just on-demand care.

The beautiful Aivo App brings precision treatment to the palm of your hand.

Aivo launches a detailed evaluation of your pain experience, delivers personalized recommendations, and provides guided activities and digital tools to manage your pain.

Aivo AI -
data-driven precision pain care.

Aivo AI combines insights from pain neuroscience with advanced data science techniques to measure your Aivo Biotype.

Your biotype is a brain-based personality measure that captures how the brain responds to chronic pain. Aivo AI dynamically updates your individualized care plan to adapt to your needs.

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Aivo’s private community supports like-minded people on their way to conquering chronic pain. Share successes, challenges, and emotional support with your tribe.


It starts with an assessment.

Aivo creates an individualized assessment of your pain called the Aivo Biotype Profile.

The 14-day biotype assessment unlocks the six core aspects of your pain experience. There is no one else on earth quite like you. Your brain is shaped by your childhood, friendships, daily experiences, feelings, thoughts, and how it feels to live in your body.

Your Aivo Biotype Profile determines your individual treatment path. Aivo fine-tunes and optimizes your treatment to adapt to your needs.

Image of the Aivo Biotype Profile document

And then it gets personal.

Aivo curates a collection of goal-based tracks that last 3-5 days each. Your Aivo Biotype selects the optimal tracks to personalize your Aivo journey to your needs.

Biotype-guided treatment ensures that you focus on strategies aligned to your goals. Pursue one goal at a time. Each track provides expert knowledge and support to help you succeed.

Our clinical trial revealed that early signs of relief were noticeable within a few weeks of using Aivo.

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What do members get from Aivo ?

Personal biotype profile

The Aivo Biotype Assessment unlocks the six core aspects of your pain experience. The assessment forms the basis for designing your personalized care plan.

Pain journal

By reporting your day-to-day experiences as well as daily pain, mood, and sleep quality, you gain access to continuous monitoring and feedback by our pain scientists and data science team.

Progressive pain relief

Aivo provides a self-guided Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program optimized for your phone. Our curated content is designed to keep you engaged and motivated.

Weekly insights

Our science and clinical teams review your data and highlight hidden trends in your pain experience.

Dedicated coach

Your personal health coach evaluates your pain history and collaborates with you to provide recommendations, expert information, and daily inspiration.

Aivo community

Join a friendly environment for guided conversations about living with pain, sharing helpful resources, and creating authentic human connection.

Medication tracking - Coming soon

By monitoring your daily medication regimen, we learn which unique combinations of medication work best for you and others like you.

How does Aivo precision pain care work?

We address the root cause of chronic pain

The brain learns to organize itself around chronic pain. Your brain can learn new pathways to pain relief when treatment focuses on the brain, rather than the body part that experiences the pain.

Our approach is designed for permanent relief

Your Aivo journey begins with a 14-day biotype assessment and a pain history evaluation. We identify the optimal goal-based tracks tailored to your Aivo Biotype Profile that dynamically adapt to your pain as it evolves.

You are in the driver’s seat

Aivo empowers you with the only science-based app for ongoing pain management that continuously adapts to your unique symptoms, your personality, and your pain relief goals.

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to pain relief.

Discover your Aivo Biotype and unlock your personalized care plan.

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