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Is health coaching the missing piece of your pain care plan?

If you’ve been living with pain for some time, ask yourself these questions:

  • Would it be helpful to have regular support and someone to talk to about pain?
  • Is it tough to manage living with pain every day?
  • Do you feel unsure of what to do next to feel better?
  • Is it challenging to make sense of your pain?
  • Do you go through long stretches of time between doctor’s visits?

If you answered “yes” to at least 2 of the questions above, you’d likely benefit from working with a health coach. Health coaches support people in living their most meaningful life while overcoming challenges and building healthy habits. People who live with chronic health conditions find health coaching especially beneficial. Receiving support in overcoming the daily challenges of living with chronic pain adds tremendous value and helps people to take key steps towards their goals. 

Join the Aivo Program and start working towards pain relief with your personal health coach!


Each Health Coach has their own personal style, but you can rest assured that you’ll always be treated with compassion and respect; your experience with pain will be believed and trusted; and you’ll always have the space to share your story and speak your truth. You might even find that after joining Aivo and working with your health coach, you have a new, positive chapter to add to your pain story. 

When you work with a health coach, you’re always in the driver’s seat, figuring out the destination, following the route, and making last-second adjustments based on road conditions. Your health coach is your passenger, sitting beside you, helping you navigate, alerting you of potholes or traffic jams along your route, and pumping you up by playing your favorite music. Health coaches use specific techniques to help you figure out the smoothest route to your destination, while giving you tips and feedback along the way. 

Aivo’s health coaches have professional training in clinical pain care along with personal experience living with chronic pain themselves. They have “walked through the fire” and know how hot it can get. The combination of personal experience and professional expertise is unique and incredibly helpful for Aivo members. Aivo coaches get what you’re going through and help you to take the next step towards relief. Check out Aimee's story to see how Aivo changed her life. 

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A research study from 2020 looked at the impact health coaching has on individuals living with chronic pain. 181 people completed the study and showed clinically meaningful improvements in both pain intensity and the impact pain has on daily function. The study showed that health coaching helped with both physical and psychological factors to support pain relief. 

Simply put, if the impact of health coaching on pain could be bottled up and sold in a pill, there’d be a line outside the pharmacy. And while health coaching doesn’t have the same instant impact that medication has (it takes a few weeks to start noticing the benefits), it can help you to overcome significant challenges, build new habits and routines, and lead a life with less pain. 


When you join Aivo, you’ll connect with your Health Coach 1-on-1 to share more about your history and experience of living with pain. Your coach will spend some time getting to know you, learning more about your motivations and goals, and helping you to identify challenges and obstacles that stand in your way. 

Your Health Coach will be right beside you every step of the way, helping you to bring the concepts you’re learning to life. Your coach is always there for on-demand support and real-time modifications to keep you on track. 

Everyone can benefit from a coach in some way. Michael Jordan was a tremendous athlete in his own right, but it was only under Phil Jackson’s coaching that he was able to shine and reach his true potential. Start your Aivo Journey today and let the power of personalized health coaching guide you towards your true potential

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