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Daily observations are one of the keys to personalized pain care

Pain diaries are more popular than ever. If you’ve been living with pain for some time, you might have even tried one yourself! These days, you can keep a pain diary in a dedicated journal, use an app on your phone, or try a printable worksheet. If you’re like most people who have tried a pain diary, you noticed they increase your awareness of daily pain. For some people, this can be really helpful! But for others, there’s just too much of a focus on pain, and it ends up hurting more than helping. Focusing on pain too much can get you bogged down in the details, so you end up revisiting your pain timeline over and over. 

Aivo’s pain tracking specifically avoids these common pitfalls by shifting your focus away from how you felt in the past to how you feel now, while supporting your future pain relief. You’re experiencing all the positives of pain tracking while avoiding the downsides. Aivo also has a secret weapon that most other pain trackers lack, the human touch. When you rate your pain in Aivo, your personal Health Coach reviews your pain history to learn more about your key triggers and other important factors. Each day, you can rest assured that your daily program is optimized to meet your unique needs. 

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Aivo analyzes your ratings in real-time to notice unique trends in your pain. As an Aivo member, you’ll receive insights about your pain to help you avoid flare ups. You’ll get personalized suggestions that’ll match how you’re feeling that day. 

The latest update to the Aivo app adds key features to the daily pain, sleep, and mood tracking. When you rate with Aivo, you select a number for your pain (1-10) and then add additional context with simple, easy-to-add notes and tags. It only takes a few moments to complete your rating before moving on and shifting your focus to Aivo’s tools, features, and collections. 

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Whether you’ve tried a pain diary in the past or not, Aivo’s pain tracking has a lot to offer. Download the latest update to begin your pain relief journey today. Finally, you can get the support you’ve been looking for and truly get your life back. Your daily ratings will play a key role in supporting your pain relief. 

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