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What is the ICD 10 code for back pain?

The ICD (International Classification of Disease) codes are used to classify diseases and other health problems in medicine and therapy practice. They are also used for reimbursement policies, tracking, guidelines, and more. Every year, updates and changes are made to the ICD-10 manual. As of October 1, 2021, the general code for low back pain – M54.5 – has been replaced by a series of other codes aimed at providing greater specificity around diagnosis and treatment for back pain.

When selecting an ICD-10 code, it is best to use the most specific code applicable. Some of the available codes for back pain include:

  • M5.1.2-: Lumbago due to intervertebral disc displacement
  • M54.4-: Lumbago with sciatica
  • M54.50: Low back pain, unspecified
  • M54.51: Vertebrogenic low back pain
  • M54.59: Other low back pain, not otherwise specified
  • S39.012: Low back strain

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