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What activities improve chronic pain outcomes?

Activities that are meaningful to you and help you manage pain can help you overcome your symptoms and significantly promote your recovery. Staying active plays an important role in building trust in your body and overcoming pain. In addition to a whole host of general health benefits, physical activity also provides short and long-term pain relief, increases functioning, and improves quality of life. Get creative in the ways you can add more movement into your daily routine, in a way that’s pleasurable and inspiring to you. 

Your pain cycle can be perpetuated by behaviors that increase pain, reduce functioning, and make coping more difficult. By replacing these with more beneficial behaviors and teaching your brain that specific movements, activities, or sensations do not equal danger, you can rewire your brain’s circuitry and reverse chronic pain for long-term pain relief. Remember, you don’t have to do everything all at once. Instead, have a long-term goal that you can break up into smaller pieces and start with the lowest hanging fruit. What can you remove or add to your daily routine to support pain relief – today?

For help and tips on how to increase your activity level, visit our guide.

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