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Is massage a good treatment for sciatica?

Although massage for sciatica won’t cure the underlying cause, it can temporarily ease discomfort, improve quality of life, and help with pain management. Certain types of massage - such as trigger point therapy - can be an incredibly pleasant and relaxing experience that may contribute to a number of general health benefits, such as decreased blood pressure and improved sleep. Research supports massage for reducing depression and anxiety, and the affective perception of touch can provide therapeutic effects on mood. A massage is a rich sensory experience and can increase self-awareness and physical pleasure, which supports relief from pain. You can even treat your own aching muscle knots at home with the help of a tennis ball!

However, there is still a lack of clinically significant evidence regarding massage for sciatica. In addition, sciatica can be caused by a series of structural problems, which is why it is important to get to the root cause of the pain to prevent recurrences and flare-ups. Also, be sure to find a well-trained massage therapist and speak to your doctor about your symptoms before starting massage therapy to make sure it’s safe for you.

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