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How can I find a good pain management doctor near me?

When looking for a pain management doctor, it is important to find a physician who has the appropriate training and experience, and who specializes in your particular type of pain. Pain management doctors are interventional pain specialists, who diagnose and treat people with acute and chronic pain by using a wide range of treatments and procedures, with varying pain management philosophies.

A doctor’s ability to listen, take your subjective experience seriously, and express empathy are the most important elements of choosing a good pain management doctor. A good pain management doctor is someone who makes you feel heard, who validates your experience and ideas about your pain, and who expresses a willingness to work with you to find the right treatment combinations that fit your pain relief goals. While proper training and board-certification are important, if a doctor doesn’t listen and take your experience seriously, they are part of the problem.

The traditional way to be referred to a pain management specialist is through your primary care physician. Thanks to emerging technological advancements and telemedicine, remote pain management options are now greater than ever. As a result, you can connect with pain management specialists from the comfort of your own home, via online pain clinics like Aivo, video conferencing, online appointment booking and patient portals.

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