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Are there any relaxation techniques that help with pain?

Relaxing techniques are essential when living with chronic pain. Thankfully there is a wide variety of scientifically supported options and self-care practices that calm down the nervous system, alleviate discomfort, and reduce pain intensity to more tolerable levels. Some beneficial relaxation practices target the brain and mind, such as mindfulness training, hypnosis, visualization, and various forms of meditation. These practices can help by generating positive emotions, reducing the presence of stress hormones, and shifting your attention away from pain. Other approaches help to lessen the perception of pain by introducing pleasurable sensations that change how the body feels as a whole. This family of approaches includes techniques such as hot baths, deep breathing, gentle movement, or receiving a relaxing massage. You can alter pain indirectly by creating calming environments that make it easier to relax and choosing to engage in behaviors you associate with safety and calmness. Create peaceful rituals, reduce noise and distraction, seek out people you love, or spend time with a beloved pet.

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