Introducing Aivo.

A revolutionary way to treat chronic pain.

Aivo care model combines medical expertise with assisted self care

Aivo is a different kind of low back pain treatment

Most low back pain treatments focus on the body part and symptoms. Aivo focuses on the root cause – the brain – to rewire it.

Targeting the Root Cause

To reverse chronic pain, we focus on the brain, not just the body part. Our unique combination therapy approach focuses on treating changes within the brain and addressing pain-related emotions as a way of providing pain relief

Less pain medication

Our program supports the brain’s ability to reduce pain naturally by rewiring pain-related circuits.

Safer and more effective than surgery

Surgery makes clinical sense for a small subset of low back pain sufferers. For the rest, it presents major costs and unnecessary medical risk.

No opioids

Opioids, while effective for a while, are not a good long-term solution. We provide a safer and more sustainable route.

The best pain management program that is adjusted for bite-sized mobile delivery

From initial enrollment to daily use, we equip users with tools and support for success. Our dedicated care team, and well structured educational content, make it easy and convenient for users to unlearn their pain, learn new coping mechanisms and develop a detailed understanding of what works for them.

Your data goes directly to our data scientists and clinicians

Our users track their symptoms and personal information, which helps us to personalize their program experience. No more need to wait months for a change in the treatment plan.

Weekly feedback and recommendations

Your data and other people’s data is used to provide weekly feedback to increase the effectiveness of pain relief.

We personalize everything, from exercise to behavioral health to medical care, to make success last

For low back pain, multimodal treatment is the most effective option. Through the Aivo app, we will help you find the mix of treatments that will work best for you.